About EnaSolar

EnaSolar is New Zealand’s only designer and manufacturer of solar inverters, the power electronics that efficiently converts the energy from solar panels into safe, usable AC power. We think that’s important because, unlike retailers and importers in the home and business solar energy space. We have world class in house design, engineering and production knowhow of what it takes to make quality solar and energy technology.



EnaSolar starts producing modular, feature-rich solar inverters that disrupt the existing solar power electronics market.


EnaSolar becomes the first solar power electronics manufacturer to introduce monitoring and reporting as an integrated standard feature on an inverter with the GT.


EnaSolar expands its monitoring and reporting capabilities for GT inverters with free access to online reporting, giving home and business users remote access to solar generational data.

EnaSolar wins the New Zealand Innovators Awards – Manufacturing.

EnaSolar wins the SEANZ Sharp Awards, Most Innovative Approach, Technology or Implementation.


EnaSolar wins the NZI National Sustainable Business Network – Renewable Impact Award – Judges’ Commendation.


EnaSolar wins the ABB Seanz Award – Most Innovative Approach.


EnaSolar embarks on an R&D programme to replace online reporting with a more modern and high-performance alternative.


Development of the worlds new cutting edge inverter technology considered highly disruptive within the solar inverter space, we have had to keep this under wraps.


Controlled BETA testing of microMAX®|sense which has seen remarkable success, providing even greater value to all GT owners locally and around the world.


This will be the year we release several new technologies which have been under intensive development, real performance and environmental testing ~ so watch this space.