EnaSolar Products

EnaSolar specialise in the design and manufacture a range of grid-tied solar PV string inverters and value-added technology solutions to meet your solar and energy needs now and in the future. Our modular product range  means you can maximise your solar PV generation and self-consumption. Whether you start from a small, single solar PV array to adding multiple arrays – including electric hot water heating and emerging residential energy storage solutions – as your energy
demands change, so too can your EnaSolar system.

The Benefit of Grid Tied Solar

While there is a general desire to remove ones reliance on the grid, why not take a different view, to minimise?
Consider this, once you add an EnaSolar solar system to your home,  you immediately reduce your grid import and the grid then becomes your ultimate backup/top-up for electrical supply when you have insufficient self-generation. Typical examples would be extreme low light days and, more obviously, night-time.

Doesn’t this approach give you the best of both worlds?

Another reason to choose a Grid-Tied solution by EnaSolar.


There are three things happening in the illustration

Number 1

The panels collect the sun’s energy and the inverter
converts the energy into usable house electricity.

Number 2

A GT inverter enables you to either export excess
energy not consumed within the home, or pull
from the grid when you have insufficient self-generation.

Number 3

If you have a battery installed, you have the ability to store any excess energy (rather than to export it for a nominal amount) for use at peak usage times. When demand exceeds self-generation and storage capacity held within the home, the grid will then top up the difference.

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