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At the heart of every PV solar system is a technology that converts the sun’s collected energy (from solar PV panels) to usable electricity to run your household and specific loads such as electric hot water heating and even battery storage. The grid-tied EnaSolar inverter is the brain of your solar system.

At EnaSolar New Zealand we specialise in power conversion technology and have been doing so for over 28 years. Not only do we design a feature-rich grid-tied inverter that allows you to use the grid when you need to, but we also proudly manufacture from our world-class facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In a nation renowned for its innovation (ranked 7th in the world for patent activity), we pride ourselves on creating smart electronics  that offer high inverter reliability and performance, along with a superior level of service and support. You can be guaranteed a quality product from a renowned New Zealand inverter manufacturer that will be with you every step of the way.

10 Great Reasons to Choose EnaSolar Inverter Technology


As a fully integrated unit,
it is fast and easy to install
– saving you money.

Reason Number 2 Accurate MPPT sweep
>98% efficiency maximises
solar generation.

Reason Number 3 The modular design allows
for a single inverter option
for different roofs.

Reason Number 4What you see is what you get,
there are no extra add-ons
or connections.

Reason Number 5 Integrated lockable switches
provide maximum safety
for peace-of-mind.


Smart, robust design makes
this unit suitable for indoor
or outdoor placement.

Reason Number 7One cool inverter giving
longer product life
and performance.

Reason Number 8

Inbuilt Wi-Fi provides independent
verification and reporting of the
system performance.

Reason Number 9Compatible with battery storage
technology to future-proof
your investment.

Reason Number 10Built to a standard,
not to cost, to ensure quality,
reliability and performance.

How Solar Works

Solar offers an endless supply of clean and renewable energy for your home, workplace or school. It is the fastest growing energy source in the world today and is more affordable and more reliable than ever before. Solar works by generating electricity from the sun to power your home. Any excess energy that doesn’t get used is then pushed back into the grid, or to your hot water or energy storage.

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Sunlight gets converted
into DC Electricity

The solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) panels are made up of cells that convert solar energy from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity then flows to an inverter.

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The inverter creates
AC Electricity

The solar inverter is the most important part of your system.
The inverter is designed to change the DC electricity produced by
the panels into safe alternating current (AC) electricity that can
be used within the home.

A Typical Solar System

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Power your home and send
your excess elsewhere

Grid-tied solar gives you the flexibility of using grid power when you need it. Any excess electricity can then be diverted to energy storage or to heat your hot water or go back to the grid.